Relevance Of Higher Education

The relevance of Higher Education can best be measured against the employability of university graduates, the universities’ innovation, research and consultancy capacities, and the contribution to local social and economic development.

EDUQUATOR aims to contribute to the relevance and quality of higher education. We see to this by utilizing our international networks to ensure institutions are in close collaboration with industry and develop programs that are integrated into the national economic and social agenda. We therefore assist learning institutions transitioning from the traditional way of conducting their “educational business” to a more innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable way. To support this transition, we work with institutions to identify and implement the right balance between excellence in teaching and (applied) research, international academic and industry partnerships, innovation and employability of graduates.

We assist institutions in initiating and coordinating entrepreneurship initiatives across all levels of the institution. We facilitate the development of and/or linkages with business incubators, technology transfer centres and science parks, and other entrepreneurial activities involving staff and students with industry and business.

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